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Definition and measurement instruments of occupational balance

Occupational therapists use different measures and methods to maintain, regain and improve the occupational balance of their patients and clients. Occupational balance is the satisfaction with everything that individuals do, have to or want to do.


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Knowledge of existing occupational balance measurement instruments enables occupational therapists to select a measurement instrument that is appropriate for the person and the purpose. Based on this information, occupational therapists can systematically assess their patients’ and clients’ occupational balance, identify possible intervention needs and evaluate the effectiveness of delivered interventions. The overview on existing occupational balance definitions and measurement instruments could also be used by occupational therapists for teaching and research purposes. The aim of the project is to identify new measurement instruments for the assessment of occupational balance, to investigate their contents and to compare them with existing definitions, following the methodological approach of Dür and colleagues (2015).

Project type: Funded research project

Project managment: Duervation

Funding provider: Ergotherapie Austria

Duration: 2021 - 2023

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