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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Duervation makes a voluntary contribution to sustainable development, taking into account the health and well-being of society, the climate and the environment. Transparency in our business practices is paramount and complies with applicable laws and international standards. In its voluntary activities, Duervation is particularly committed to the promotion of young researchers and women.

Plan International

The organisation has been campaigning for children’s rights for more than 30 years. Personal commitment gave rise to one of the largest children’s aid organisations in Germany: Plan International.

Every child in the world has the right to grow up healthy, free of violence and protected. This is one of the issues that Plan International campaigns for in society and in politics. The organisation is active in more than 50 countries (Plan International, 2023).

In cooperation with Plan International, Duervation is committed to the education of girls worldwide.





IWF – International Women’s Forum Austria

IWF Austria is the Austrian forum of IWF Global and connects women with significant achievements in various fields living in Austria. IWF’s vision is to live in an inclusive society where women are fully represented in leadership positions at all levels. Its mission is to promote women’s leadership in Austria from all parts of society (IWF Austria, 2023).

Mona Dür is a member of IWF Austria and volunteers as a mentor in various IWF programmes.


AOS – Austrian Association of Occupational Science

AOS aims to promote, establish and discuss the interdisciplinary
discussion of occupational science in Austria in order to accelerate the development of this branch of science in Austria. The
Society serves exclusively to promote and establish occupational science in Austria (AOS, 2023).

As president of AOS, Mona Dür is particularly concerned with promoting young researchers.



VÖSI – Special Interest Group WomeninICT

The initiative wants to make the topic of women and ICT much more visible again and inspire more young women and girls to work in the field of information technology and telecommunications. WomeninICT wants to show what great job opportunities the industry has to offer – at HW and SW companies, at IT system houses, at IT service providers, in the telecom industry, in IT departments at companies, in science & research (VÖSI, 2023).

Mona Dür is a WomeninICT ambassador and mentor.


Solar Plexus 

The association of designers of the future of health pursues the vision of sustainably ensuring and improving health care for all people living in Austria. Solar Plexus sees diversity in design positions, female empowerment and equal opportunities for young professionals, health professionals and top decision-makers as the key to this.

Solar Plexus connects its members, offers a stage for role models, facilitates mentoring and further education and works together on the major challenges of our health care system – also in the sense of a stronger patient-centricity. We offer our open network and protected spaces for multi-perspective exchange and develop quality solutions for the Austrian healthcare system of tomorrow (Solar Plexus, 2023).

Mona Dür is Solar Soul and mentor at Solar Plexus.


the female factor

The initiative is a global community for a new era of female leaders, empowering women to take their place at the table by increasing their confidence, competence and connections. The female factor supports these female leaders through mentoring, networking and career programmes – with the goal of closing the gender gap in leadership positions (the female factor, 2023).

Mona Dür is a member and mentor at the female factor.


As part of her voluntary work, Mona Dür is also a mentor for migrants.