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Our values

Health – Cooperation – Empowerment – Sustainability – Joy

We promote HEALTH and well-being.

  • We develop and implement health technologies that contribute to the health of patients, their families and/or health professionals.
  • We ensure that our services are designed in a way that they are health promoting. 
  • We support health-promoting behaviour.
  • We provide healthy food at Duervation.
  • We take care of healthy working hours and models.
  • We provide ergonomic computer workstations.
  • We have fun together.
  • We strengthen social cohesion. 
  • We promote mental health.
  • We support each other. 
  • We take advantage of mistakes and learn from them.
  • We manage as much as necessary and as little as possible. 
  • We integrate new findings from health research into our daily business.


  • We create innovative and workable solutions together with our clients, different professions and disciplines, potential users, and representatives of relevant stakeholders.
  • We love collaboration.
  • We understand success as the result of good cooperation.  
  • We learn together from our mistakes. 
  • We overcome conflicts and challenges together. 
  • We continue to develop together. 
  • We live and use diversity.
  • We have fun and celebrate our successes together.


We EMPOWER persons.

  • We support our clients in their self-empowerment.
  • We strengthen the empowerment of patients and their families.
  • We address marginalized groups and themes, and thereby increase their visibility.
  • We design and implement health technologies with massive user involvement.
  • We welcome the further development of our staff and promote training and education.
  • We support the further qualification of our employees and promote qualification activities, with the possibility for part-time studies or with recommendation or reference letters.
  • We encourage our employees to actively care for their career and support a job exchange for a restricted period of time.
  • We strengthen the autonomy of our employees and create individual and flexible working time models and working conditions.
  • We welcome and take into account the different needs, potentials and opportunities of our employees which they bring into our projects.
  • We engage in social and voluntary work.
  • We recognize the achievements of our staff.
  • We acknowledge the professional development of our staff and maintain a good relationship with our former staff.
  • We invite former employees to work with us in the future.


  • We create sustainable solutions for our customers.
  • We source sustainable products, such as regional, Fairtrade and organic products.
  • We have sustainable office equipment, such as wooden paper dispensers and conference chairs, and a filter coffee machine with an integrated mill. 
  • We use sustainable means of transport, i.e. if accessibility allows, we use public transport or our eCar. 
  • For a healthy and sustainable working relationship, we support individualized working hours and conditions that are adapted to the life situation of the individual employee.  
  • We are oriented towards innovative companies and top research institutions. 
  • We bear ecological and social responsibility.

We work with JOY.

  • We stand for the joy of doing things together. 
  • We contribute to the happiness of employees.
  • We cope with challenging tasks with joy. 
  • We work with joy to achieve high quality. 
  • We are convinced that difficult tasks are more successful if we master them with joy. 
  • It gives us pleasure to be able to do something for the community.