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Prof. (FH) Mona Dür, PhD, MSc

Applied research, having my finger on the pulse of time, an innovative view of the future and reflection are only a few examples that describe my acting and my way of working, as an expert in health sciences.

After years of professional experience in teaching as well as research with a focus on innovation, my goal is to accompany companies on their way to innovative strategies and products. At the same time, I would like to continuously drive innovation and scientific progress in cooperation with the Austrian and international science and research community. I would like to use my knowledge and expertise in the field of education to help shape the education system of tomorrow.

With the foundation of “DUERVATION” I would like to put these goals and ambitions regarding innovation, research and education into practice.


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What others say

My cooperation with Mona Dür was very stimulating. Mrs Dür is very innovative, understands the needs and concerns of patients and their caregivers and involves them in her research and innovation projects. She was extremely efficient and focused in the execution of our common research projects and has gained exciting new insights in the field of neonatal medicine. med. univ. Angelika Berger, MBA

Head of Comprehensive Center for Pediatrics, Head of Division of Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care and Neuropediatrics , Medical University of Vienna

By the Smaragd research project, Mona Dür has built bridges within the company in addition to a representative research result.

The research project has provided impulses for exchange, based on which further developments are taking place at a level that would not have taken place without this impetus.

DI Stephan Famler

Assistent der Geschäftsführung, Oberösterreichische Gesundheitsholding GmbH, Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH

Mona Dür is an excellent scientist and an inspiring innovator in the education and health sector. She has developed, implemented and very successfully led a Master’s programme at IMC FH Krems. She is always a highly valued discussion partner and source of inspiration in matters of strategic and operational orientation. She is a top performer and acts as a role model for women in research and practice in the health professions.

Mag.a Ulrike Prommer

Executive Manager, IMC Fachhochschule Krems

I can say a lot of positive things about Mona Dür as a coach, but here I summarise her qualities in a short description:

  • Winning and trustworthy
  • Focused on the essentials
  • Goal-oriented and focused
  • Sharp diagnostic ability
  • Attentive and empathic
  • Reliable partner
  • All-partial and integrating

Mona Dür is ideally suited as a coach for all issues arising from change. Due to her all-partial approach, she will also be an excellent companion for C-level managers as an executive coach.

Luzia Fuchs-Jorg

CEO Kick Off Management Consulting GmbH, Coach and consultant, Kick Off Management Consulting GmbH

Mona Dür is highly appreciated in the academic world of Austrian´s health business. Experienced together with proficiency her projects are performed with accomplishment.

DI Verena Ossmann

Platform Manager Health Technology, Ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

Current projects

Definition and measurement instruments of occupational balance

Occupational therapists use different measures and methods to maintain, regain and improve the occupational balance of their patients and clients. Occupational balance is the satisfaction with everything that individuals do, have to do or want to do. Knowledge of existing occupational balance measurement instruments enables occupational therapists to select a measurement instrument that is appropriate for the person and the purpose. Based on this information, occupational therapists can systematically assess their patients’ and clients’ occupational balance, identify possible intervention needs and evaluate the effectiveness of delivered interventions. The overview on existing occupational balance definitions and measurement instruments could also be used by occupational therapists for teaching and research purposes. The aim of the project is to identify new measurement instruments for the assessment of occupational balance, to investigate their contents and to compare them with existing definitions, following the methodological approach of Dür and colleagues (2015).

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Occupational Balance of informal caregivers after installing professional care

Experts estimate that in Austria about every fourth family cares for close family members, friends, or acquaintances. Informal caregivers are people from the family, friends or acquaintances of the person being cared for, who look after and support them. Occupational balance, the satisfaction with what is done, must be done and should be done, can be restricted by informal caregiving. The use of professional care services could lead to a change in occupational balance among informal caregivers. The aim of this research project is to investigate how occupational balance of informal caregiver changes through utilisation of professional care services. A quantitative study design, a panel design, is used to examine informal caregivers’ occupational balance after utilisation of professional care over time. The research project is carried out in cooperation with the Niederösterreichisches Hilfswerk and is based exclusively on the use of own funds. This research project provides a first insight into the impact of the use of professional care on the activity balance of family caregivers.

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Validity and Reliability of The Turkish Occupational Balance in Informal Caregivers (OBI-Care)

Occupational balance is an important construct of occupational therapy. Occupational balance is the satisfaction with what people do, want and have to do. Occupational balance is linked to health and wellbeing and changes over the life course.

For example, giving informal care for close persons, such as caring for children with special needs, can lead to a change of occupational balance. Taking over caring tasks for others leads to a change of the caregiver’s occupational repertoire, which can subsequently lead to a change in caregiver’s occupational balance. Due to medical progress and demographic change, the number of people with a need for care is increasing sharply worldwide. Hence, it is important to assess occupational balance in informal caregivers in a valid and reliable way.

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